Wise men build their homes on solid foundations.

Welcome to Dõmi

With two core principles in mind – quality construction and lasting beauty – we had a dream to change the future of custom home building by creating a company unlike any other in the Frisco area. We’re a company that strives to take on the projects that truly inspire our team’s shared love of craftsmanship, architecture, and modern design. This gives your ideas and voice the chance to be heard and valued by committing to give your dream home the individual attention it deserves.

We know a lot of hard work goes into building a unique, beautiful, truly customized home. That’s why we gathered the best designers, planners, builders and craftsmen in the area to make Dōmi a truly unique experience – one that relies on quality, skill, and precision every step of the way.

Our president and CEO, Tal, brings years of experience and education from multiple successful architecture and design ventures to our team. Taking inspiration from his Iowa farmland upbringing, Tal enjoys incorporating nature into every aspect of our designs.

We believe great things take passion and devotion to build and grow, which is why we make the unique promise to provide our clients with a completely individualized, attentive process. We’re not just building your house, we’re building a future for you and your family. When you choose Dōmi you’re choosing to be at home with us, and to build your home and future on a foundation of quality construction and lasting beauty.

Meet The Team

TAL THEVENOT, President & Principal Designer

As founder and design leader of Dōmi, as well as the award-winning Aquaterra, Tal Thevenot relies heavily on his mid-western upbringing and love of the outdoors that has guided his life. Growing up on the farms of Iowa with a fascination for modern design led Tal to his degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State and the inevitable creation of his own design-focused company. Today, Tal focuses on the joy he finds in both his work and family – both of which find him outdoors as often as possible.

CASEY THEVENOT, Partner & Consultant

Casey, a native Texan and wife of founder Tal, acts as the community connector for Dōmi. Her active involvement with many civic and church organizations offers insight into the active and outdoor lifestyle that energizes Frisco and the surrounding communities.

DAVID GOODRICH, Business Partner

CARLA MORALES, Controller/Accountant

Carla hails from the beautiful land of Puerto Rico where her distinguished education led her to a passion for numbers and her role as a Controller. Carla is a master of accountability and transparency. She keeps a firm grasp on all project budgets, making it possible for the rest of the team to focus on exceptional designs while staying on budget and meeting deadlines.